Okay, just going to confirm/share some thoughts on the settings just to confirm I’m right…

1. RV Resort – this is a list of locations where renters have their RV’s and the owner needs to select which Resort they are at. What if their resort isn’t listed?

Correct, these are most of the RV Resorts currently in the US, if we missed any and it needs to be added they can contact us and we will add it

2. Owner Refund Policy – this is completely up to the renter and their preference.

Yes the Owner can select which Refund policy they would like 

3. Check in / Check out Time – Is this the time they are available? So if I’m okay with ANY time, would I enter a 24-hour period here? Or does it need to be like a hotel, check in by 3pm and leave by 10am, etc.

This is check in and out information the owner has for the property. Just like Airbnb they usually check in around 1pm and checkout around 11am. But this is up to the owner of the property 

That also leads me to my next question because I think I was confused before. I thought people were renting out their RV’s like an Airbnb – but this sounds like they are just renting out the space… is that correct? So people are just renting a space to park their RV?

Sometimes you will see listings for both the lot and the RV but mostly its just the RV Lot. I also built another booking website for an RV Resort you can see a few listings with both the Lot and RV here https://ranchorvsites.com/rent-by-owner/

4. Min. and Max. RV length – I assume this is in feet allowed?

Correct this is important as some of the RV Resorts have minimum length restrictions and age of the RV. In Rancho RV Resort they have a 30 feet min and max of 45 feet with a 10 year or newer rule. And a few Resorts only allow Class A motorhomes. When an owner has these Resort Rules its important to list this information as this is in the Search filters. So it someone has a 5th Wheel and its 28ft long they can search whats available for their RV type and length. Very handy to have this search criteria.

5. Amentities – This is where I got confused earlier. If people are just renting the land and not the RV, why are we selecting amentities? If people are renting RV’s, why are we configuring the length and RV type allowed?

Think about what you would want or need if you went camping with an RV. Maybe you want to only find an RV Resort that has a swimming pool, maybe you need 50 amp connection, or maybe you require Wifi. This allows the renter to find RV Resorts with these select Amenities or the RV Property with certain Amenities like a Casita, or outdoor kitchen etc. Most people are looking to Rent the RV property not the RV included. These website is designed to find RV Properties to rent from owners while driving down the road in an RV. Most campgrounds have a booking platform of some type like Campspot.com etc. However until now there was no platform for a property owner inside RV Resorts to list a property for sale or rent. This might be a little confusing because sometimes you can find an RV Resorts listed on Campspot which is the largest campground listing platform. But these types of “RV Resorts” are just nice campgrounds that call them RV Resorts. But a true RV Resort like the ones you see on RVLBO.com are all property owners which is no different that a neighborhood with houses. We have HOA’s and own the property, and can add storage, kitchens etc to our own lot. 

6. Social Networks – What is the purpose of this part? Does it just link to my network of choice so people can follow me? Yeah we just added this feature as some people might be realtors or maybe a property manager and has listings on their social media etc. 

7. Park Hours – Are these the hours of the RV Resort? Each Resort has their own “hours”?

Yes some RV Resorts do not allow people to check in past lets say 10pm so its important to list the hours.

8. Location – Is this the location of my RV/Land? Or the location of the Resort? If the buyer can see and choose my Resort, why do they need the map?

The map is important feature as our platform will show the nearest RV Resort based on their location. If you open RVLBO.com you will see its showing your current location on the map. We want to make it easier for the renter who is traveling and wants to find a place to stay for the night, or wants to find RV Resorts in a certain area.

9. Booking: 

– Reservation Fee – is this applied to the total price or is this an additional price? Yes this a one time fee that the owner can setup. Maybe the RV Resort collects $50 from the owner etc and they want to pass this fee on to the renter.

– Weekend Price – This is a special price for weekend only (Fri-Sun) Sat and Sunday. For myself I own a couple RV lots, but I charge $125 daily and the weekend is the same price

– Nightly Rate – the standard price per night correct

– Weekly Rate/Monthly Rate – This is a special price (discount) if people book 7+ or 30+ nights alltogether. 

Correct so I charge $600 a week however that is not the amount I enter, this is where you want to explain that you divide $600 by 7 nights and enter $85 on that line, same with monthly, I charge $1,895 for a monthly price and divide that by 30 nights to get that dollar amount

– Max Guests – max amount of people included in the reservation

Yup, some property owners dont want large families so they might set this to 4 people max, or maybe they have an RV on the lot that sleeps 6 people max

– Enable Payment – what’s this for? Activates the booking plugin to accept payments however currently we have activated this to always enable payment. Only way to disable this is to hide the booking plugin. This is what really makes it important for owners as some people might want to put a link to the RV Resort website to do booking of their property. So they might only use RVLBO.com to list for rent and link out to a different website to do bookings or have renters call them or use our Live Chat feature to contact the owners and make reservation in person. 

– Enable instant booking – This will automatically confirm their reservation. If its turned off, youll have to manually approve their request to reserve the RV.


– Calender – green means the day is available and red means that date isn’t available.- Correct, so the owner can manually blackout dates